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The distinction between retail and professional traders keeps getting vaguer as online markets offer more and more trading options. Open an account, download MT5, and access the tools of the pros.

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MT5 can display up to 1000 assets in all classes, CFDs, shares and options where available. For each one, get market depth, tick charts and more.

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82 technical indicators & charting tools, 21 timeframes, 6 order- and 4 execution-types, hedging, netting and table/chart reporting.

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Plan & execute your own custom indicators, scripts & EAs, then test them with our multi-threaded strategy tester – all in the new MQL-5 developer language, backed by the entire MQL community of developers & users.

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MT5's community chat, our in-built economic calendar and an internal email system and inter-account funds transfer places you within an all-inclusive environment, where your attention can be totally focused on the matter-at-hand. Your Money!

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MT5 Automated Algo-Trader Tool

Trade360 are now proud to offer a Cryptocurrency Algo-Trading Automated tool, that enables you to automate trading using the sophisticated RSI Indicator. The relative strength index (RSI) is a technical analysis tool that measures the recent price changes and evaluates conditions on the price of a Crypto Asset.

The Math behind the Robot was developed Welles Wilder, who proved that when a price moves up quickly, it reaches a point where the asset overbought and when a price drops quickly, it is oversold. This means, the market will correct itself relatively quickly and an opportunity exists for quick actions of buy/sell.

These actions would need speed and persistence that will be difficult for a human, but easily done by an automated algorithm.

Using this tool will enable you to secure small incremental investments while taking small profits over a period.

This tool is recommended for beginner and intermediate traders and our expert advisors will be happy to assist you in operating it, by contacting us here.

Please see both a video and a guided tour on how to install it on this page.


Download Robot Files


How to install robot to MT5:

Step 1: Go to your MT5 account and click on “File” then “Open Data Folder”.

Step 2: Then you will have the option to click on “MQL5”

Step 3: Click on the “Expert”

Step 4: Copy the Robots

Step 5: Then go to your account and click “Tools” then “Options”

Step 6: Click on Expert Advisors and then Allow Algo trading.

Step 7: Refresh the “Expert Advisors” option and then you will see the Robots.

Step 8: You will see the Robots added and in order to activate the robot just slide it to the asset chart and he will do the rest.