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Trade360 now allows you to purchase stocks of major companies, the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, Tesla, Coca Cola and many others. Trade360 will also shoulder the costs of any commissions or fees involved with such purchases. Traders purchasing stocks, not only own a real portion of that company, they may also be eligible to receive a portion of any dividends it may pay out.

For costs/charges that may apply, please check Fees and costs section in the Terms and Conditionsand the Key Information Document (Physical Stocks) available at


With Trade360 you can trade positions worth up to 1:400 the value of your deposit (for Professional category clients). That means that with an initial required margin of $100 you can trade contracts of up to $40,000 in value.
Retail clients can trade positions worth up to 1:30. That means that with an initial required margin of $100 you can trade contracts of up to $3,000 in value.

This applies for trading in CFDs only.


Trade360 gives its Traders the advantage of trading with fixed and variable spreads, the small commissions that brokers take on every new position.

Spreads are calculated by subtracting the difference between the bid price and the ask price.

The bid is set by the market and is the price buyers are willing to pay in order to buy the base currency (i.e. EUR) in exchange for its counter currency (i.e. USD).

The ask price is set by the broker and is the price the broker is willing to sell the base currency in exchange for its counter currency.


Trade360 charges an industry-standard rollover fee (overnight swap) on trades that are left open past 00:00 GMT.

How Rollover Works:

Rollover is an interest rate that Traders pay or receive on positions that are rolled from one trading day to the next. Each currency pair has its own interest rate, which the Trader, should he leave his position open overnight, will either pay or receive.

An Example of Rollover:

Imagine that you are trading the EUR/NZD. The interest rate on the Euro is 0.05%; the interest rate on the New Zealand Dollar is 3.50%. Note that the Euro is the main currency and that its interest rate is lower than that on the New Zealand Dollar. So, if the Trader buys the Euro, he will be charged the rollover; and if he sells the Euro, he will receive the rollover fee.

Rollover Schedule:

Sunday Night to Monday: Regular Rollover
Monday Night to Tuesday: Regular Rollover
Tuesday Night to Wednesday: Regular Rollover
Wednesday Night to Thursday: Rollover fee is charged three times (for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
Thursday Night to Friday: Regular Rollover
Friday Night: No Overnight Fee
Saturday Night: No Overnight Fee


In Online Trading, slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which it is actually executed. It is most common for slippage to occur during periods of market volatility. In the event that slippage does occur, it will normally do so between trading sessions or when the market opens.

Trading Hours

Trading hours may change in circumstances where there is lack of liquidity, during holidays or off-trading hours.

For holiday trading hours, please click here.