Trading Stocks

Choose from over 450 stock CFDs from a trusted, award-winning broker.

Get the latest live and up-to-the-minute share prices on our proprietary and MT5 platforms when trading stock CFDs with Trade360. Leverage between 1:5 & 1:20.

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How to invest in stock CFD’s

Why trade share CFDs with Trade360?

Trade360 offers over 450 stock CFDs from Europe, America, and Australia. You can trade these Monday to Friday, whenever the market is open by simply opening an account and using the tools Trade360 gives you. Long-term investors may want to do their own analysis using the resources available through the web – financial reports, corporate news and more. Short-term traders may prefer to focus on quarterly earnings reports, dividend payments and investor conferences, maximising the volatility that derives from surprise results. Either way, you can be sure that Trade360’s support team will alert you whenever a trading opportunity arises. Learn More

Buying shares has always been a rich-man’s pastime. Taxes, commissions and information were at a premium, and you could only sell at a loss if the price went against you. With the introduction of share CFDs, the entry bar is lower, you can leverage your investment – increasing your profit and risk of loss – and, most important, you can short an asset, thereby investing in a losing asset. Join Trade360 and get all the tools you need to enter financial markets. Learn More

FAQ’s: Stock CFDs

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    What shares can I trade at Trade360?

    Trade360 offers a variety of company shares and share CFDs for some of the most sought after companies across the globe, from Amazon to Microsoft, Google to Netflix and many others in between.

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    Can I trade shares on MT4?

    Regretfully – no, you can not, but you are free to do so on MT5. So it could be time to consider upgrading.

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    Can I short equity CFDs?

    Absolutely – you can choose to go either long or short on any top company CFD found on our platform!