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Trade on the world’s major indices with a CFD.

Trade the world’s major stock market indices with leverage, negative account protection and all the other perks of a regulated broker. Trade the World.

Indices around the world, New York, Tokyo and China

Why Trade Index CFDs with Trade360

What Are Indices

Trade360 lets you access the financial markets whether you’re on the go or at your desk. Use our proprietary platform from any computer with an internet connection. Trade on the go with our mobile app. Or access the industry benchmark MT5, with its multitude of trading bots and technical tools. You’ll be getting the best trading terms and enjoying the support of a multilingual professional team – all decisively important when you trade on the world’s major stock market indices CFDs. Learn More

Every stock exchange publishes an index that measures the average value of its major stocks, an indication of how well that exchange – and correspondingly the national economy – is doing. Different indexes are calculated differently using different forms of averaging, using different share-selecting techniques, and so forth. However, one thing remains constant: an index is a mere mathematical construct, not an asset in itself. And so, to trade on its value, you need to invest in a derivative that tracks its value – a derivative such as a CFD, an ETF or an ETF CFD. Learn More

FAQ’s: Index CFDs

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    What are Indices or Indexes?

    Indices or Indexes (plural forms of Index) are averaged measures of a data group. The Consumer Product Index (CPI) measures a representative basket of consumer items to measure the cost of living; a stock index measures a group of stocks to help measure the performance of the related economy. The S&P 500, for example, ranks and then measures the top 500 U.S companies.

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    What Indice CFDs are available on Trade360?

    You can currently trade some major US, European and Asian index CFDs – even the Saudi Tadawul. More Indices may be added in the future.

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    When is Index CFD trading available on Trade360?

    Index CFDs are usually available between Sunday night (GMT) and Friday night (GMT), but are subject to daily downtimes. Please check here for specific times of availability.