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ETF CFD trading is the latest trend in CFD markets. Trade among 40 leading ETFs

At Trade360, you can now trade on a surprisingly large number of Exchange Traded Funds Contracts For Difference – CFDs that cover one of the latest innovations in financial markets.

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Why Trade ETF CFDs with Trade360?

What is an ETF?

As with all other exchange-traded assets, the cost of investing in ETFs on an exchange can be high. Additionally, investing in a physical asset is only beneficial if the asset’s value increases. If it falls, you’ll be stuck with an asset that can either be sold at a loss or held on to in hopes of better days. Trading CFDs with Trade360 means you do not actually own the asset but, rather, trade on its value. Consequently, you can invest in an asset’s appreciation or depreciation. And you’ll be doing that in a secured environment under the supervision of your national regulator. Learn More

Once, to enjoy the income of a retirement or mutual fund, you had to buy into it or become a member. Once in, you were stuck – dependent upon the fund manager. You could win or lose – what was certain was that the fund manager suffered less than you. In the early 1990s, more passively managed Exchange Traded Funds first appeared, selling their shares on the stock market. To understand what is an ETF, let’s look at some examples: UNG, the United States Natural Gas Fund, for example, owns natural gas futures contracts and swaps. SPY tracks the S&P500 index. And GDX owns primarily shares in major gold-mining companies around the world. Learn More


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    What are ETF CFDs?

    Not only traded on an exchange just like a share, ETFs are, essentially, a “basket” of assets packaged into a single tradeable asset. They often track a specific index or market sector and can contain stocks, commodities, bonds, even related derivatives contracts or a mixture of the above.

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    Why should I trade ETF CFDs?

    Because ETFs are usually a collection of similar assets that are bundled together, trading them often requires tracking of the “core” asset, instead of a few separate entities; so in theory – it should be slightly easier to predict movements.

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    What ETF CFDs do you offer?

    Trade360 currently offers dozens of ETF CFDs tracking a wide variety of ETFs, from Index ETFs to gold and many others. Check here for the complete list.