What are Commodities?
A commodity is a physical asset that fulfils a need, is produced in substantial quantities and is fungible – i.e. its individual unit grades are entirely interchangeable.
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What are Indices?
Indices are a price performance measurement of a group of stocks on an exchange.
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What are Stocks?
Stocks are a way of investing in a company by buying an ownership stake in it. The more stocks (or shares) the greater your profit when the company appreciates in value and equally - the greater your loss if the position moves against you.
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What is an ETF?
An Exchange Traded Fund is a pool of funds invested in a set of assets, All ETF CFDs on the Trade360 platform are OTC CFDs and are not exchange traded.
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What is CFD trading?
CFD trading essentially offers investors and traders the chance to profit from an asset’s price moves without actually having to own the asset itself while equally taking on the risk of loss if the position does not succeed.
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What is Forex?
Forex is your way into a $6-trillion-a-day market – experience the world of trade in a nutshell!
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