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Trade360 is an online broker and financial services firm. Clients on are trading with ST services. Established in 2013, the company delivers a secure and transparent trading venue for all traders. Trade360 focuses on democratizing financial markets through its proprietary CrowdTrading environment and by offering a comprehensive support, education and data delivery system to ensure traders are fully equipped to tackle financial markets.

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Born Up Front, Staying There

Established in 2013, Trade360 is a relative newcomer to the field of online trading. Arriving on the scene a half-decade after the 2008 financial crisis, as global markets began their recovery and the blockchain was taking its rightful place on the horizon. As a result, Trade360 was built from the ground up, ready to tackle the high-tech environment, the online trading industry and the requirements of a regulated sector, rather than continuously striving to catch up with new requirements and innovations.

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Opening up the Horizon

An excellent example is CrowdTrading. As the financial industry tries to contend with the market instabilities caused by high-frequency trading , the owners of Trade360 understood at the onset that the future lies with The Crowd. A group of veteran financiers and high-tech specialists, they created Trade360’s proprietary CrowdFeed system, which puts the trader in direct contact with the Trading Collective in real-time.

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Transparency = Empowerment

Another example is regulation. For Trade360, this is – rather than a limiting factor – a welcome set of rules that is levelling the playing field for both institutional and retail traders. Thus, our absolute adherence to the regulatory requirements of ESMA’s MiFID-2 directive in Europe and ASIC in Australia is based on principles that we believe lie at the heart of a properly functioning financial industry.
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